Make the difference: offer a service that improves the patient experience in your facility!

Usually, people approach to the healthcare is not pleasant, which is why patients need to be supported by minimum waiting times and agile acceptance processes.

Long lines to book a medical examination, to withdraw a medical report, or to make a payment in crowded waiting rooms negatively affect the mood of patients and medical staff.

ufirst solves the issue in a simple, efficient and innovative way through a free and intuitive app. 


Issues to be solved


  • Long waiting lines at the patients’ check-in counters.

  • Stress of the staff who is forced to handle a great number of patients waiting in line


  • For the patients, the need to leave their office or ask for time-off hours because of the overlapping times with the opening hours of the facilities
  • Overcrowding of the waiting rooms

How ufirst improves the service:


  • No lines: the patient reserves his spot in line through the app and he shows up at the right time.
  • No whining: customers do not have to waste their time.
  • No overcrowding: reduction in the number of people waiting.


  • More paperwork: increase in the number of patients managed
  • More quality: improvement in the service offered to the client (quicker), improvement in the customer experience and consequent customer retention.
  • More prestige: the service is perceived as innovative and high-quality.


ufirst for the Healthcare providers

Why choose our service

  • Increase in the customer satisfaction and in the efficiency of the structure.
  • Optimization of the staff productivity by increasing the number of daily managed tasks.
  • Increase in the level of innovation of offices through a simple digitalization process.
  • The service is perceived as innovative and high-quality.
  • An easy-to-use digitalization tool that can be used by anyone.