Time is the most precious resource we have, which is why we often perceive the time spent in line as longer than it actually is. The correct management of customer flows is as important in the private sector as it is in the public sector. It makes it possible to open new business opportunities as well as to open and maintain customer relations.

ufirst Connect is the Italian platform that has revolutionized the way we wait in line.

ufirst technology, through an innovative, virtual queuing system (mobile e cloud) allows to optimize the time that a user spends waiting in line.

ufirst enables users to get a numbered line ticket directly from their smartphone. They do not need to be physically present, being free to use that time in more productive or fun activities.

Then, when their turn gets closer, ufirst sends an alert on the smartphone advising users to reach the point.

ufirst is compatible and can easily be integrated within any queuing or reservation system on the market, complementing and re-valorizing your previous investments.

Why choose ufirst - connect

The ufirst technology easily integrates within the existing skip-the-line systems, increasing the customer satisfaction in a variety of sectors.

Choose to:

  • Increase the customer satisfaction and the reputation of your brand
  • Improve the quality of work of your staff and the flow management during peak times
  • Reduce direct accesses through the platform
  • Get visibility within the app network
  • Access the ufirst customer base and get new clients