Simplify the Access to Fun facilities, avoid to weigh down your customers with painful lines.

Museums, amusement parks, aquatic parks, hotels: using ufirst Fast Pass you will let your customers avoid long lines to access the service.

Your company could greatly improve its revenues and reputation by offering priority access to some of your paid services. The pleasure of visiting a museum or spending a fun day with family is often ruined or avoided because of the long waiting times. 

Don't lose your customers, use ufirst.


Issues to be solved


  • Long waiting times and slow or difficult access to the service weigh down the fun experience

  • Loss of customers due to the long lines


  • Bad reputation of the service or experience

  • Misinformation about the potential priority line service


How ufirst improves the service:


  • No lines: the customer reserves the priority access, showing up when it's his turn
  • No whining: improved perception of the offered service
  • No overcrowding: less lines at the facilities' doors


  • More customers: increase in the number of customers thanks to the priority line service offered
  • More quality: improvement in the service offered to customers (more rapid), improvement in the fun experience and increase in loyalty
  • More revenue: increase in sales and decrease in the operational management costs

Ufirst for the business

Why choose us

  • Increase in the customer satisfaction and efficiency of the facility
  • Optimization of the staff productivity 
  • Innovation of facilities through a digitalization process
  • The service offeredLa percezione del servizio offerto risulta innovativo e di qualità.
  • A digitalization instrument easy to use for anyone